Ernst Halter recommends himself with several Bands, as Leader or Sideman.

Ernst Halter Organ Trio

The Ernst Halter Organ Trio (Hammond, Vocals & Drums) presents a relaxed and various programm with harmonious Jazz, Blues and Pop-Classics.
Deborah Handschin (voc)
Ernst Halter (org)
Andy Oswald (dr)

Ernst Halter Organ Trio.pdf

OrganSwing Group

The traditional Organ Guitar Drums - Trio with the unmistakable Hammond Organ Sound. Seasoned with exiting Swing, Blues und Latin.

Ernst Halter (org)
Erich Rufener (g)
Peter Hartmann (dr)


Swingin' Hammond, Cajon and Vocals from the great american song book - let it groove 'n smoothly swing !

Alma Cilurzo (voc)
Ernst Halter (org)
Heinz Emmenegger (cajon)

Ernst Halter Organ Duo

Swing, Blues & Latin-Jazz with the Hammond Sound.
The pocket sized LIVE-Bigband !

Ernst Halter (org)
Peter Hartmann (dr)